“To Bluff Or Not To Bluff? That Is The Question!”

“As Grandma cleared the dinner plates, mom went to closet to pick a board game, and dad grabbed some ice cold sodas from the fridge. What was just a few minutes ago a quiet family dinner, all the sudden turned into a crazy, wild, and fun Saturday night of Diception™!

Deep into the second round, everyone was skeptical of dad’s bid, mom’s was on the edge of lunacy, but no doubt grandma was just trying to bluff her way through the game! Even though I was just a teenager I couldn’t hold my tongue. I jumped up out of my chair, pointed at grandma and cried out “Diception™!”

Everyone flipped their tumblers and we counted dice. Grandma got me good! But I still had The Second Chance Cube™ to roll!

The cube bounced around a few times in the middle of the table careening off the popcorn bowl and landing next to mom’s soda … ”Free Pass” it showed! – Ha, I was still in the game!

Now it was my turn to start the bidding … ”


Welcome To The World Of Diception™!

Welcome to the crazy, fast-paced, fun-for-the-whole-family world of Diception™! A board game that takes less than two minutes to learn and a lifetime to master! It requires no special skills or abilities, but be cautioned, you never quite know who is bluffing and who is playing it straight!

The strategy from person to person and hand to hand changes each time a new bid is made! Guess wrong and you lose a die, guess right and your opponent must surrender one of their precious cubes!

But wait, there is a a twist! Roll the Second Chance Cube™, it could change your fortunes or maybe even the fortunes of the entire table!

To win and be crowned the Diceptor™, be the last person still holding dice!

Diception™ is fast to play! An entire game can be played in as little as ten minutes making it the perfect play anytime anywhere board game! But it is so much fun to play you just might wind up playing for hours!

Each Diception™ board game comes with 20 dice, a Second Chance Cube™, four high quality genuine leather tumblers, instruction booklet that reveals multiple different ways to play, and a convenient and durable carrying case, complete with carrying strap! Take Diception™ to the beach, camping, or on your next cross country road trip.

Diception™ can be played with as few as 2 players and up to as many as you can fit around your table!

For more than 4 players, pick up a second Diception™ board game!


About the Game

Become The Diceptor™!

Diception™ is similar to liar’s dice but adds a few twists of its own making it the perfect fun-for-the-whole-family board game! The included instruction booklet contains multiple different ways to play ensuring you will never get bored!

When you pick up your own Diception™ board game you are not just a customer but part of the Diception™ family! We are constantly introducing new ways to play and sharing tips on how to win. As part of the Diception™ family you will also be the first to know about each new board game we introduce!

Diception™ is sold exclusively on line!

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No-Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee:

We are so certain that you will love the quality and value of Diception™ that we are offering a 365 day un-conditional, no-questions asked, money-back guarantee. If for whatever reason you are not completely satisfied, return the board game to us and we will promptly refund your complete purchase price, no questions asked!

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